Course of Combinatorial Optimization and Graph Theory, ORCO

Slides :

  • Flows (pdf)

  • Push-Relabel Algorithm (pdf), Execution of the Push-Relabel Algorithm (pdf)

  • Matchings in bipartite graphs (pdf), Execution of the Hungarian Method (pdf)

  • Matchings in general graphs (pdf), Execution of Edmonds' Algorithm (pdf)

  • Matroids (pdf)

  • Applications of submodular functions (pdf)

    Papers to be presented :

    1. Frank, On disjoint trees and arborescences (pdf)

    2. Cai, Common root function of two graph (pdf)

    3. Hörsch, Szigeti, Packing of mixed hyperarborescences with flexible roots via matroid intersection (pdf)

    4. Durand de Gevigney, Nguyen, Szigeti, Matroid-Based Packing of Arborescences (pdf)

    5. Király, On maximal independent arborescence packing (pdf)

    6. Fortier, Király, M. Léonard, Szigeti, Talon, Old and new results on packing arborescences (pdf)

    7. Király, Szigeti, Tanigawa, Packing of arborescences with matroid constraints via matroid intersection (pdf)

    8. Fujishige, A note on disjoint arborescences (pdf)

    9. Matsuoka, Tanigawa, On Reachability Mixed Arborescences Packing (pdf)

    10. Gao, Yang, Packing of maximal independent mixed arborescences (pdf)

    11. Hörsch, Szigeti, Reachability in arborescence packings (pdf)

    12. Kamiyama, Kawase, On packing arborescences in temporal (pdf)

    13. Chapoullié, Szigeti, On packing time-respecting arborescences (pdf)