I am currently a PhD student (since October 2018) in the Combinatorial Optimization team of the laboratory G-SCOP in Grenoble (France). I am working under the supervision of Nicolas Bousquet and Myriam Preissmann.

I am mostly working on combinatorial reconfiguration. I am particularly enthusiastic about graph recoloring and independent set reconfiguration problems. 🙂

More recently I also got interested in paramerized algorithms and parameterized complexity.

Conference papers:


  • A note on deterministic zombies (2020) – Joint work with Laurine BĂ©nĂ©teau, Marthe Bonamy, Hoang La and Jonathan Narboni.
  • An in-place maximum matching algorithm for graphs of minimum degree 5 (2020) – Joint work with Julien Baste
  • Recoloring graphs of treewidth 2 (2020) – Joint work with Nicolas Bousquet and Marc Heinrich

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